Meet the Suzuki SPresso, the mini-SUV taking over the streets of Lagos

Meet the Suzuki SPresso, the mini-SUV taking over the streets of Lagos
2022, September 01

CFAO and Moove recently announced a partnership to facilitate access to brand new vehicles in Nigeria. Since then, CFAO Motors Nigeria, the sole distributor of Suzuki cars in Nigeria, has successfully delivered several hundred cars to Moove, the world’s first mobility fintech, providing revenue-based vehicle financing and financial services to mobility entrepreneurs. Hundreds of Nigerians now have the invaluable opportunity to work toward vehicle ownership thanks to the program.

The increasing number of mini-Suzuki SUVs on Lagos' streets is another clearly noticeable outcome of this collaboration. Built with a compact but sturdy appearance and a distinct design, the Suzuki S-PRESSO has generated a lot of interest.

Why has the Suzuki S-PRESSO become so popular among Nigerians?

Although considered a small vehicle, the S-PRESSO is packed with features that make it arguably the best in its class of compact vehicles.

Affordability - The Suzuki S-PRESSO offers the best value for money when it comes to one-time price point and cost effective in terms of total cost of ownership (fuel efficient, low maintenance cost). This allows for the middle-income earner to afford a brand-new vehicle under full warranty.

Unique features:

The Suzuki S-PRESSO is a city car with several crossover-inspired design elements and a high ground clearance of 180 cm, enabling it to drive on difficult terrain. It has a lot of headroom, a lot of cabin space, and a lot of luggage space.

Safety Features

The safety features of the Suzuki S-PRESSO have been validated in a thorough second safety test, which was conducted in South Africa by the Global NCAP, with the vehicle scoring a 3-STAR RATING IN SAFETY.

The vehicle is equipped with DUAL SRS AIRBAGS for both driver and passenger. Its high tensile steel body is Suzuki's TECT (Total Effective Control Technology), which helps protect the cabin in the event of a collision by efficiently absorbing and dispersing energy. The vehicle is also equipped with seat belt with pretensioner and load limiters which enhances passenger safety in case of an impact.

In an emergency braking situation, the anti-lock brake system (ABS) keeps the tyres from locking. The Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) optimally distributes front and rear braking forces to help stably stop the vehicle. Additionally, the Suzuki S-PRESSO is equipped with reverse sensors to avoid collision with obstacles and protect pedestrians.

These factors have undoubtedly made the Suzuki S-PRESSO a formidable competitor in the automobile market. The CFAO Group continues in its business of distributing renowned brands in Nigeria and the African continent at large.

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